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Car Maintenance Tips

Keeping your car in top condition needs a lot of hard work. One of the prime reasons this is important is that it keeps the car running safely for a time. Here are few key tips to help your car stay in shape easily.

1.      Replace Windshield Wipers:

Never ignore fixing your wiper blades. If your wipers are squeaking or streaking when turned on, it might be because of damaged blades. To ensure your safety, it is essential to change the wipers whenever necessary.

2.      Inspect Tires:

Did you know that maintaining air pressure in the tires reduces wear and tear? Not only that, but it also gives good mileage. Thus, keeping a tab on pressure regularly prevents a dangerous hazard for your car when in running condition. Additionally, to prevent blowout, you should always rotate tires after about 7500 miles or every 6 months, whichever comes first.

3.      Check your belts:

Keeping the car belts intact prevents a breakdown on the road. To help the serpentine belt stay in the proper condition, check them regularly while changing the oil.

4.      Changing the oil:

To keep the engine running for a longer duration, it is essential to change the oil regularly. Schedule routine checks, and you can even change the oil yourself. Just make sure to learn the necessary steps and go for an oil change before the car breaks down completely.

5.      Wash Car Regularly:

When a car is in running condition, it is subjected to all sorts of hazards. To prevent any damage to the paint and undercarriage, it is vital to wash the car regularly.

6.      Check the car fluids:

A car has a total of six fluids that should be maintained at appropriate levels. These are engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid (if you drive an automatic), coolant (AKA, antifreeze), power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Any leak from among these can lead to the car breaking down. Thus, inspecting them regularly will help in keeping the car intact for a longer period of time.

7.      Change Air Filter:

A car's efficiency is highly reduced when dirt seeps into the filters. To prevent this, it is crucial to inspect the air filter at least once a year.

8.      Check the lights:

Any broken or burnt bulbs can lead you to get a ticket. If a fused bulb needs replacing, take the car to the service center and get it done.

Also, headlights play an essential role in safety. Keeping them in proper condition by replacing bulbs as soon as they start to dim can save you or another person’s life.

9.      Other Checkups:

Apart from all these, some other car checkups can be done by trained professionals. These include check engine lights and wheel bearings dysfunctionality which can be attended only at a service center.