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How Often do Brakes need to be Serviced?

It is important to maintain your brake system and get them serviced so that they function properly. If you hear squeaking noises, then it’s definitely time that you take a look at those brakes. Safety is important not just for you but for people around you.

The situation of your brakes can tell you about the condition of your car because if they go out at the wrong time, it may lead to bad accidents and to avoid that they should be checked at least once a year. An early inspection will give you an idea of the brake system's condition.

The brake pads in the brake system are required to be replaced every 25,000 to 75,000 miles. That also depends on the driver's driving habits, the car's model, and several other factors. To get the best idea of the service schedule, one should go through the car owner's manual.

Here are some of the signs that will tell you whether your brakes need to be serviced.

1. Poor Braking Performance

One of the most obvious and dangerous signs that tell you that your brakes need servicing. If the brake feels unresponsive while braking, issues could be with the brake fluids or the brake pads.

There could also be a leak inside the brake hose that may also cause problems to the brake system. You must take it to the service center as soon as possible if the performance gets worse.

2. Squeaky noise

If the brakes are making squealing or squeaky noises, it is one of the most common signs that tell you that they need replacement. A built-in material called shim is present in the brake pads, which gets exposed when worn down. With time the material is destroyed through constant braking.

After a while, this metal shim Is completely exposed to the brake rotors. What follows is a high-pitched noise when the rotors meet it. If the squeaky sound continues, you must take it to the service center as the brake pads might need replacement.

3. Vehicle pulls while braking

If your vehicle seems to be pulling excessively when braking, that could be a sign that your brakes need maintenance. The brake pads may have been completely worn out due to improper rotation and tire alignment. There is also a possibility that there might be a build-up of the brake fluid, which must be cleaned and replaced. Either way, the car should be inspected soon.

4. Vibration when braking

If your car starts vibrating whenever you pull the brake, it could mean that the brake rotors may have been warped. For some reason, if the brake rotors become excessively heated or worn out, they can warp or deform. This causes them to contact the brake pads unevenly, and this results in vibration. Your car should be inspected right away so that you can understand the cause of the vibration and get everything checked.

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