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9 Strange Noises And What They Could Mean

Your car has a life of its own. Didn’t get us? Well, we will explain it here. Have you ever noticed some unusual noises coming from inside your car? If yes, then it's time to decode them.

Cars are branded as one of the stellar purchases of today. People love to buy them to get a ride of comfort in these busy times. But did you know when your car starts making these strange noises; it's time to take immediate action?

Let us check out what the types of noises are and what to do in such a situation.

1.      Humming:

Humming noises that come when you are accelerating the car indicates a wheel-bearing problem. Often discarded as engine noise, you can keep a check on the RPM gauge for it. To combat this problem, effectively start coasting the vehicle at high speed. If the noise persists, take the car to a mechanic.

2.      Rumbling:

Rumbling noise comes from a failed exhaust system of the car. This type of noise also indicates an exhaust leak or problem in one of the gas pipes or gaskets. Depending on the type of damage, the whole thing can be repaired, and if the condition still not improves, then it is better to replace the exhaust system.

3.      Droning:

Droning noise categorically comes from the tires if they are old or of poor quality. Sometimes the case also rests upon feathered tires. If you constantly hear a droning sound while driving, then look at the suspension component of the car.

4.      Wobbling:

If, by chance, your car sounds like an unbalanced washing machine, then it is time to get it repaired right away. A car that has gotten loose in the wheel nuts makes these types of noises. Get your car checked for any damage in such a condition.

5.      Squealing:

When the car's problem lies with the serpentine belt, it is bound to make a squealing noise. This happens mostly because the belt doesn't have enough tension and is slipping.

6.      Grinding:

Grinding noises are an outcome of poor or worn-out brake materials. Whenever you hear this type of sound, then always remember the brakes need repairing.

7.      Whining:

If your vehicle's steering wheel is locked, you are likely to hear a whining sound. This type of sound can be fixed if you increase the pump pressure. But if it does not curb after that, then you probably need to replace the pump.

8.      Clunking:

Clunking noise happens due to problems in the suspension system of the car. One thing is for sure if the noise disappears on its own, then there is a chance that the component is dislocated from the car.

9.      Clicking:

A car makes a clicking noise when the CV axle is broken down. Check for any damage or if the axle needs replacement to stop the strange noise.

Now, these are the type of noises that your car makers in agony. Never delay if you hear any of these and check the parts immediately to locate damage.